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Home Buying

greenlakeBuying a home today can be both exciting and frustrating. In this market multiple offers are the norm. It is important to know expactly what you are up against when embarking of the adventure of buying a new home. We will itemize the steps necessary to compete in today's market and do everything posible to make the process the exciting venture it should be.

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Home Selling

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So it is a seller's market right? We can just list our home and we will get fifteen offers right? Well, no, not exctly. The basic fundamentals of real estate are still at play. Regardless how hot the market is, people are still looking for value. They want a clean well kept home that won't turn into a money pit the moment they close. We have tried and tested strategies that have been proven to generate those covetted multiple offers not through trickery but through good old fashioned honesty and hard work.

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Property Management

passion Realty Brokers dba Columbia Real Estate Group - Seattle is the leader in residential property management for individual and multiunit rental properties. Serving both King and Snohomish counties, we offer worry-free, full-service property management to property owners interested in leasing their houses, condominiums, and multi-family properties in the Greater Seattle / Bellevue region. Please contact us for a free in-person consultation, and learn more about the residential property management services we can provide.

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